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Sep 28, 2015

James Tew


BOOM! Today on SocTalks we have a man, an entrepreneur who is making waves in the video world by helping other entrepreneurs build relationships and grow the courage and confidence to build their brand with video.

He is also a Podcast personality and a very good one at that, he does suffer from chronic shiny object syndrome, which means, like many of us he has jumped from project to project. Considering this a blessing and a curse, he has found his home with video and helping others eradicate unimportant distractions and achieve their goals.

Now before I go on anymore our featured guest you should know has served over 7 years in the Australian Navy, he has extensive experience in developing people to reach new heights. His time in the Navy instilled vital skills and personality traits that drive him to help others achieve their goals.

This husband, and father of  FOUR girls, Lord help his lost cause at home is Australian Sensation James Tew. 

James’s show, A Dad’s Mission for Success quickly amassed over 13,000 views in the 1st month. That’s 433.3333333 views a day, BOOM! With his unique style of Aussie humor and ability to make the complicated things seem simple, James has grown an audience that is not only engaged but striving for success. Seeing his potential,’s Entrepreneur Network recently picked James up as a content partner seeing his reach drastically increase throughout the world.

So, James! Are you ready to Ignite passions, Accelerate journeys and Annihilate Limiting Beliefs?


BOOM! Socrates


James go ahead and fill in the blanks… Who IS the REAL James Tew?


You are an awesome dude, you said yes to SocTalks even before really asking what I was going to talk to you about? I mean you heard request, and my mission to help our listener launch and ignite passions, accelerate their growth and to annihilate the stigmas and limiting beliefs, you were like “I’m all over it Mate, lets fire some people up”. 

So you get the rare SocTalks Thank you in advance James…

So, in brief SocTalks is all about the guests’ Stories,  we feel Stories are what create rapport, that people resonate best with them and are more immediate to move into action.

So let me wave my I’ve magic wand, I’m waving it and poof! We go way back, back to when you began. Would it be OK if you shared with us a Failure Story,  A Worst moment in your Marketing experience?

Ok take us home, what would tell yourself back then, as the listener to avoid hurdles and pitfalls!

Wow, Bro… Very well done… Lets flip the script and have you Tell us a story about that 1 AH-HA moment. One that’s going to resonate with SocTalks Listeners, could you tell us THAT story?

Would it be OK to do the same as we did with that Failure Story? Let’s talk about a lessons you would want our listener to walk away with? Something to ignite their passion, accelerate them on a path, and annihilate a fear or limiting belief?


Alright man, we are into SocTalks “the Showdown” this where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back the 1st thing that pops into your mind: but first


You can find the masterful James Tew on the usual suspect media hosts Twiter, Instagram as @james_tew, the web as, Facebook as the social entrepreneur blog all one word and if you want to say hello do it at

James are you ready for the showdown my man!?!?

  1. Best advise you EVER received?
  2. 1 80 Min of your day?
  3. Biggest Strength?
  4. Biggest Weakness?
  5. You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, you have a smart phone in your front pocket and it's very modern almost like a mini laptop. No names in the contacts, no recent calls on id. What do you do?


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