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Ignite your Passion, Accelerate in your path, and Annihilate your limiting beliefs about going PRO in Multi-Level Marketing, affectionately called Socrates Level Marketing here. Brandy Sinoto, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob Crisp, Ray Higdon,Terrance Gray, Eric Worre like
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Jul 25, 2015

OK, let’s get started…

I am absolutely humbled to share with you today on SocTalks…. Terrence Gray! Now he is affectionately referred to TGRAY by those impacted by this man’s gigantic personality and his ability to succeed, in my opinion that may be dwarfed by his ability to help others realize their own gigantic abilities.  In other words if you’re walking with TGRAY? You’re walking among GIANTS.  And you will be giant.

TGRAY grew up in in New York City's South Bronx.  With the backing of a GREAT WOMAN… His persistent mother, T.Gray beat the odds and made it out of the projects.

He has enjoyed the unique and special blessing of making it to the top of both Corporate America AND Network Marketing in record time.

His reputation? SOLID

Leadership? LASTING

And his record? 6 and 7 figures consistently….

TGREY you ready ignite, accelerate, and annihilate!?!?


TGREY Fill in the blanks for the people.  Who is the REAL TGREY?

As you know SocTalks is all about the guests’ Stories, Stories are what create rapport, and rapport is why and how people are moved to action. I’d love right now to jump in a time machine, and go way back, back to when you began in MLM and NM. Would it be OK if you shared with us a Failure Story, A Worst moment in your Marketing experience story!  


T let’s talk a min and talk about a lesson here, something the listener can walk away with, to avoid potholes or reinventing the wheel?


Thank you T, just like you did with your worst moment tell us a story about 1 of your AH-HA moments. One that’s going to resonate with SocTalks Listeners, tell us THAT story?

T would it be OK to do the same as we did with that Failure Story, let’s talk about a lessons you would want our listener to walk away with? Something to ignite their passion, accelerate them on a path, and annihilate a fear?

Alright man, we are into SocTalks Showdown where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back 1st thing that pops into your mind: but first


TGray can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter at @TGrayWins

And his personal website is

1)      Best advise you EVER received?

2)      1 80 Min of your day?

3)      Biggest Strength?

4)      Biggest Weakness?

5)      You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, you have a smart phone in your front pocket and it's very modern almost like a mini laptop.  No names in the contacts, no recent calls on id.  What do you do?

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