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Dec 5, 2016

Isabel Hundt is an experienced, certified Vision & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Contributor to HuffPost and Author of her book "The Power of Faith Driven Success". She combines the knowledge of Sociology and Neuroscience with aspects of Emotional Intelligence and has successfully coached and educated hundreds of individuals from all over the world. Isabel regularly speaks at universities and colleges throughout the country where she shares her inspiring and thought-provoking message on topics like "There is Nothing Wrong With You", "The Strength of Emotional Leadership", "Diversity" and "Emotions - Your Powerful Road Map for Life"

As a young girl, I remember telling my parents that sometimes I’d feel as I can leave my body and experience the world from a bird’s eye perspective. Sometimes I’d feel crazy for feeling other people’s pain and sometimes I had visions that not many took seriously – maybe not even me.

This is the emotional world of a child that is highly intuitive and over time forgets that any of those gifts ever existed, as it happens with so many of us. We lose the ability to tune in with ourselves on a deep level to experience guidance and direction to living a purposeful and fulfilling life and therefore our calling.

My name is Isabel Hundt and I am a certified Vision & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Ambassador of Global Presence Leadership, Empath-Warrior™, World-Visionary and Author of my book The Power of Faith-Driven Success – A Journey toward Living Your Dream by 30 (

Throughout my journey of re-discovering who I truly am and what God has called me to bring to this world, I learned what it means:

to live by faith.
to step into my own inner power and to live fully
to use my gifts to serve others yet have a strong and firm relationship within myself and therefore with the Divine who guides and leads me
to BE myself no matter my circumstances
to embrace life
to be and live life as an Empath-Warrior™
to access my intuition and yet protect myself from over-stimulation and toxins that are being thrown at me from a broken world
to live a purpose-driven instead of a profit- and attention-driven life
Today, I combine the knowledge of Sociology, Psychology and Neuroscience with aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Reiki and quantum physics. I have successfully coached and educated individuals from all over the world and speak at universities and conferences throughout the country where I share my inspiring and thought-provoking message on topics like “Finding your Purpose and Place in this World”, “Building Successful Relationships”, “Diversity”, “Emotions”. “Emotional Disconnect vs. Spiritual Disconnect”, “Language of Success” and other related topics.

My journey is unique, just like yours, yet we all have one thing in common: We are intuitive, spiritual human beings who can change the world to the better by understanding our emotions and learning how to use whatever we feel effectively to move forward empowered, to experience success and to live the dream God has put on our hearts since the time each one of us was born.

But the most important about my life, is that I am a proud and devoted Christ follower, community leader, wife and mother to our son, Jonah.


Bachelor's Degree in Social Science (Sociology/ Psychology/ Political Science) from University of Siegen, Germany
ICF certified Ontological Life Coach
In the process of becoming a certified Reiki Master

Professional Coach, Keynote Speaker, Published Author "The Power of Faith-Driven Success"

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