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Ignite your Passion, Accelerate in your path, and Annihilate your limiting beliefs about going PRO in Multi-Level Marketing, affectionately called Socrates Level Marketing here. Brandy Sinoto, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob Crisp, Ray Higdon,Terrance Gray, Eric Worre like
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Jul 17, 2015

On today’s SocTalks we have a spiritual minister of health and fitness, a presenter, producer, entrepreneur and a network marketing professional.

He has helped to pioneer and shape the natural bodybuilding industry through events, expos, TV shows, and magazines

He has now turned to helping people build their bodies from the inside out, starting with the food they eat, through the thoughts they think and guiding them on a pathway to achieve their dreams and create financial wealth.

His mission is to empower 100 million people:

To Love better how they look, Love better how they feel, Love the thoughts they think and Love what their bodies can do.


Head to toe, mind to heart, inside and out. 


Jeffrey Kippel ladies and gentilemen is on Soc Talks


Jeff are you ready to you ready ignite passions, accelerate paths, and annihilate limiting beliefs?




Jeff fill in the blanks man… WHO IS THE REAL Jeffrey Kippel


Thank you Jeff lets dive right into the way the show works, we love stories here, it stories that resonate best and create the best rapport with our listeners, so please share with us if you would a moment of failure in your career, it could be a moment before MLM or one you have once you began in the industry


Lessons learned that the user can use to NOT have to run into a pot hole or similar situation?


Just like you did with your worst moment tell us a story about 1 of your AH-HA moments. One that’s going to resonate with SocTalks Listeners, tell us THAT story?


Would it be OK to do the same as we did with that Failure Story, let’s talk about a lessons you would want our listener to walk away with? Something to ignite their passion, accelerate them on a path, and annihilate a fear?


We are into the SocTalks Showdown where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back 1st thing that pops into your mind:


But first, Jeffrey Kippel can be found on FB, Twitter, Linked in, and Periscope JeffreyKippel

1)      Best advise you EVER received


2)      Back when you got start what was holding you back if anything?

3)      Biggest Strength

4)      How about a weakness?

5)      You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, in your front pocket you have a smart phone, it's very modern like a mini laptop.  No names in contacts, no recent calls on id.  What do you do?

Ignite your Passion, Accelerate in your path, and Annihilate your limiting beliefs about going PRO  in Multi-Level Marketing, affectionately called Socrates Level Marketing here.  Brandy Sinoto, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob Crisp, Ray Higdon,Terrance Gray, Eric Worre like 

Jul 16, 2015

SocTalks: Episode 000

Welcome to SocTalks where inspiring authors, speakers and masterminds share their stories with you.  Let their stories Ignite your passion, accelerate you on your path, and annihilate your limiting beliefs. Now…. Here’s your host for….. Socrates Zayas! 




Thank you so much for joining me today, I’m sure your 1st question will likely go along the lines of WHAT, IS, THIS, PODCAST, ABOUT?  Before I go into that… I want to address 3 things 1) Who I am since I am going to literally be in your ear for about 30 minutes each week, 2) Address your 1st question and 3) Pledge to only provide quality programing with quality guests and actionable content.


So who is in your ear right now? I’m your Host, Socrates Zayas, Born in Cuba, in a borough called Marianao, I immigrated to the United States at the age of 6 after a failed attempt at age 3 due to mumps.  I grew up moving from city to city in the United States. I went from New Orleans, LA., to Newark NJ, then I hopped around all 5 boroughs of THE BIG APPLE ultimately to end up in the Sunshine State of Florida.  For all intense and purpose I am the only son of my Mother, and the 7th son out of 16 of my Father.  My mother raised me on her own and did so working 2 and as many as 3 jobs as times.  In Cuba, my mother was a Registered Nurse, here she held the fort down by sewing, working in a dry cleaners, and odd jobs until she was able to work her way back into health care. She made sure I was always clean, ironed, well mannered, and educated.  At the age of 18 I entered the Marine Corps.  I was trained to be a helicopter Mechanic, on really cool attack ships known as the AH-1W SuperCobras, there were only 91 of these bad boys EVER commissioned! So for my Marine Corps Bros… Semper FI! After I left the corps I returned to school became a BioChemist working on infectious disease and genetics, later changing my career to one that paid a little bit better, actually about 3 times as much, I went into corporate IT, and gave them 13 years of my life during the boom enjoying 6 figure paychecks and options galore. When they were done with me they simply discarded me, no pat on back, no explanations, just a letter and a check.


Since I didn’t see it happening it was a horrible blow resulting in loss of most of our possessions, our house, our cars, we even had to sell many things in garage sales.  We lived off of borrowed monies from in-laws and it was and remains a very embarrassing time for my family. 

Being an entrepreneur seemed a logical next progression, but what to do? First attempt, in direct sales marketing, but that wasn’t me, then tried securing a franchise and despite my charisma securing that much cash up front, 15% possible return 3 years down the road seemed insane, so retail marketing wasn’t for me either. 

Ultimately, in 2005 I was introduced to MLM, where I’ve enjoyed success and comradeship similar to that of being back in the USMC. I am a Father: of 5, 3 biological 2 that I helped raise, 1 German shepherd, 1 Dessert Dragon, and I am a Husband.  I have taught at local Educational institutions in Florida, and sat as the Department Chair Of Everglades University.  I am an author, a podcaster, speaker, motivator and I hold a PhD, a Masters, and Bachelors in Biology and Chemistry.  There you have it, Me! Also known affectionately by my colleagues as DocSoc.  That should answer part 1.  Now, your question?

To start off, The SocTalks Podcast will disprove the belief that MLM/NM is not a real or viable choice for an entrepreneur.  Furthermore, this belief is seeded in a misunderstanding of what it really means to be in this industry.


The goal of this SocTalks is to shine a light on the fear created by the unknown in MLM and NETWORK MARKETING. In fact, I liken it to the boogie man in the closet or underneath the bed, lurking in the shadow of traditional MARKETING mindsets.  My vision is that each week we sit down and chat with successful Authors, Speakers, and Masterminds, which I believe to be Marketing Leaders and some of the brightest minds among us today. We’re also going to listen to and follow the journey of 2 groups using the fundamentals of what I affectionately call Socrates Level Marketing in a monthly bonus PodCast! Now think about it, virtually everybody you’ll hear from on this podcast charge several hundreds if not several thousands of dollars an hour for their consulting time and expertise, but you and I will get their time for FREE! I’m not saying this to impress you but to impress upon you how valuable this will be in your arsenal of getting out of your situation today!


Listen, you know it, I know it Failure is a part of every single entrepreneur’s journey, it’s a really big deal… SocTalks is all about the entire story, the BIG picture, and I pledge that my guests and I will dive into every single episode with their biggest failures.  We will dig and prod and hopefully learn how to avoid some of those potholes. It’ll be like mining their brains for nuggets, gold nuggets!  Of course after we pass out some tissue I’ll take us to the other spectrum and in story format again have them share that AHHA moment, that point where they realized that this is in effect their most viable choice as an entrepreneur.  We will walk through the steps they followed at that point, and hopefully that will resonate with you so that you can get your MOJO kick started, get those wheels moving and possibly light that lightbulb for you. Finally, I will ask a series of 5 questions that I call the SocTalk Showdown where I quick draw the questions and the guest shoots out first answers that pop into their minds. Fun times really… Concluding with sharing a little about any of the guest’s releases or shows.  


Now if you’re not currently reading a great deal of personal development, but you acknowledge the value of leveraging leaders in this business, and feel that you should be doing more with your journey to stretch yourself. I say let this Podcast serve as an encouragement to you to make that journey less painful, sort of a cliff note type experience loaded with nuggets and actionable items to use TODAY. 


Each episode you will have a definitive answer to what MLM and Network Marketing is and more importantly what it isn’t, how you can make it yours and a KISS teachable item that you can duplicate and easily pass down as you grow your organization.     Brandy Sinoto, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob Crisp, Ray Higdon,Terrance Gray, Eric Worre like nuggets


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