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Ignite your Passion, Accelerate in your path, and Annihilate your limiting beliefs about going PRO in Multi-Level Marketing, affectionately called Socrates Level Marketing here. Brandy Sinoto, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob Crisp, Ray Higdon,Terrance Gray, Eric Worre like
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Dec 29, 2016

Founder Breanne Dyck, MNIB Consulting: a boutique consultancy helping owners scale their online training business

Here’s the Deal.
Great work doesn’t happen by accident.

That’s why you work so hard. It’s why you pour yourself into your work, shedding blood, sweat and tears – sometimes literally – to make sure your business is world-class.

That drive for excellence has got you to where you are today, and yet that little voice in the back of your head won’t shut up:

“What if this time, my best isn’t good enough?”
But that’s not an option.
People are paying attention now, and you can’t let them down.

Your customers want more, and they want you to give it to them.

This is not the time to back down …
That’s how you scale to reach even more people. That’s how you create the next big thing that will quantum leap your business forward. That’s how you put together your first (or next) million dollar product that gets amazing results, too.

And it’s also how you will start having less of you in the business, too.

Think about it:

More time. More freedom. More scale. More impact.

Not to mention, increased retention, referrals and repeat buyers – the 3Rs of world-class online training companies.

Ignite your Passion, Accelerate in your path, and Annihilate your limiting beliefs about going PRO ALL kinds of Marketing, affectionately called Socrates Level Marketing here. Ray Higdon, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Breanne Dyck, Eric Worre, Robert Hollis

Dec 9, 2016

JP Sears says you can. A comedian who also runs his own serious life coaching and 'emotional healing' business. Yes, really. He's amusing and confusing millions of people around the world, but internet sensation JP Sears likes it that way

An emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveler, and curious student of life. My work is intended to empower people to empower themselves to live more meaningful lives.

I run a very busy one-on-one client practice (most sessions are via skype) where I’m fortunate enough to work with people every day on healing their hearts, resolving self-sabotage, and stepping into their true power.

I also lead retreats around the world on different healing and personal empowerment themes for like minded and like hearted people to come together and learn, grow, and heal.

I also make videos. I’m very active on my YouTube channel, where I regularly release videos to help people help themselves. I also make comedy videos known as my 'Ultra Spiritual' series. Aside from the entertainment value of these humorous videos, they also carry important underlying messages (at least I think so, but I’m biased because they’re my videos).

And if the formal credential side of things is important to you, I hold certification as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH. I also served as a faculty member for the C.H.E.K. Institute from 2006-2013. Most importantly, I have red hair, blue eyes, a caring heart, and a warped sense of humor.

Dec 5, 2016

Isabel Hundt is an experienced, certified Vision & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Contributor to HuffPost and Author of her book "The Power of Faith Driven Success". She combines the knowledge of Sociology and Neuroscience with aspects of Emotional Intelligence and has successfully coached and educated hundreds of individuals from all over the world. Isabel regularly speaks at universities and colleges throughout the country where she shares her inspiring and thought-provoking message on topics like "There is Nothing Wrong With You", "The Strength of Emotional Leadership", "Diversity" and "Emotions - Your Powerful Road Map for Life"

As a young girl, I remember telling my parents that sometimes I’d feel as I can leave my body and experience the world from a bird’s eye perspective. Sometimes I’d feel crazy for feeling other people’s pain and sometimes I had visions that not many took seriously – maybe not even me.

This is the emotional world of a child that is highly intuitive and over time forgets that any of those gifts ever existed, as it happens with so many of us. We lose the ability to tune in with ourselves on a deep level to experience guidance and direction to living a purposeful and fulfilling life and therefore our calling.

My name is Isabel Hundt and I am a certified Vision & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Ambassador of Global Presence Leadership, Empath-Warrior™, World-Visionary and Author of my book The Power of Faith-Driven Success – A Journey toward Living Your Dream by 30 (

Throughout my journey of re-discovering who I truly am and what God has called me to bring to this world, I learned what it means:

to live by faith.
to step into my own inner power and to live fully
to use my gifts to serve others yet have a strong and firm relationship within myself and therefore with the Divine who guides and leads me
to BE myself no matter my circumstances
to embrace life
to be and live life as an Empath-Warrior™
to access my intuition and yet protect myself from over-stimulation and toxins that are being thrown at me from a broken world
to live a purpose-driven instead of a profit- and attention-driven life
Today, I combine the knowledge of Sociology, Psychology and Neuroscience with aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Reiki and quantum physics. I have successfully coached and educated individuals from all over the world and speak at universities and conferences throughout the country where I share my inspiring and thought-provoking message on topics like “Finding your Purpose and Place in this World”, “Building Successful Relationships”, “Diversity”, “Emotions”. “Emotional Disconnect vs. Spiritual Disconnect”, “Language of Success” and other related topics.

My journey is unique, just like yours, yet we all have one thing in common: We are intuitive, spiritual human beings who can change the world to the better by understanding our emotions and learning how to use whatever we feel effectively to move forward empowered, to experience success and to live the dream God has put on our hearts since the time each one of us was born.

But the most important about my life, is that I am a proud and devoted Christ follower, community leader, wife and mother to our son, Jonah.


Bachelor's Degree in Social Science (Sociology/ Psychology/ Political Science) from University of Siegen, Germany
ICF certified Ontological Life Coach
In the process of becoming a certified Reiki Master

Professional Coach, Keynote Speaker, Published Author "The Power of Faith-Driven Success"

Dec 5, 2016

Interviewed by Ioana Denise Garrett of Success Stalkers Radio! BOOM!

Socrates Zayas affectionately called DocSoc, the Founder of and Author of Socrates Level Marketing: Ignite Passion. Accelerate Your Journey NOW. Annihilate Limiting Beliefs and The BOOM! Blog. A brief look at me since I'll be in your ear weekly for about 30 minutes. I was Born in Cuba, immigrated with my parents as a child. I grew up in a single-parent household. My mother working 2 and 3 jobs at times, made sure I was lacking nothing; always clean, ironed, well mannered, and educated. I'm a proud former Marine, trained to be a helicopter mechanic. So to my Marine Corps brothers… Semper Fidelis! As a civilian, I became a geneticist. Although I had fun it didn't pay me enough to remain in the industry. I was forced to leave that career to one more lucrative, corporate IT, and gave it 13 years! After some life changing events they were done with me, they simply fired me, no explanations, just a letter, and a check. Some of you may know how it feels living through the indignation, the embarrassment and realization of the lie. Because of that pain, because I saw all my possessions stripped, taken by the banks who didn't care about my circumstances because I felt I failed my kids, my wife, my parents. You may know what being a mess feels like. I felt I didn't have any time to give them, definitely didn't have money to do much of anything, and I was 80lbs overweight. I looked at Multi-Level Marketing as a model for true Financial Freedoms. My focus was on three things: More TIME. More MONEY. More HEALTH. I have been successful in ALL THREE using the proven marketing fundamentals, SocTalks shares these with you, I call them Socrates Level Marketing®. You don't have to continue living the lie, or even wonder how to begin. 

Mar 9, 2016

Terry Gremaux
BOOM! Let’s get this started… Today on SocTalks we have a guy who nobody thought would ever be successful working for himself..
This guest started way back in 2006 but didn’t get going till 2013! He spent 7 years of absolute misery, and frustration. 9 companies, and man he had all the excuses like this is the wrong upline, this product is not for me, the system is not right, I mean the list goes on and on… You might know someone like that right?
In 2013 he got fed up being fed up and was against a rock and a hard place with 20 bucks in his pocket and 2 months behind in every bill he had!
He is here today because it’s time to pass it forward because as you hear me say all the time, the struggle is real, but the hustle is undeniably the antidote.
So from struggling dude making 30k a year he has become a top recruiter in my primary Network Marketing company, earned a company car, been able to start working for himself full-time, created a coaching business, and had his first 30K week a little while ago. Not bad for getting serious and listening to a mentor.
Who are we talking about? His name Terry Gremaux
So, Terry Gremaux Are you ready to Ignite passions, Accelerate journeys and Annihilate Limiting Beliefs?

BOOM! Socrates

Go ahead and fill in the blanks… Who IS the REAL Terry Gremaux?
So, in brief SocTalks is all about the guests’ Stories, I feel Stories are what create rapport, that people resonate best with them and are more immediate to move into action because of them.
Terry Would it be OK if you shared with us a Failure Story, A Worst moment in your Network Marketing experience?
Ok take us home, what would tell yourself back then, as the listener to avoid hurdles and pitfalls!
Wow, Very well done… Lets flip the script and have you Tell us a story about that 1 AH-HA moment. One that’s going to resonate with SocTalks Listeners, could you tell us THAT story?
Would it be OK to do the same as we did with that Failure Story? Let’s talk about a lessons you would want our listener to walk away with? Something to ignite their passion, accelerate them on a path, and annihilate a fear or limiting belief?

Alright Terry, we are into SocTalks “the Showdown” this where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back the 1st thing that pops into your mind: but first

You can find my friend and colleague on the usual suspect media but it’s best to just go to,
Terry are you ready for the showdown my man!?!?
1) Best advise you EVER received?
2) 1 80 Min of your day?
3) Biggest Strength?
4) Biggest Weakness?
5) You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, you have a smart phone in your front pocket and it's very modern almost like a mini laptop. No names in the contacts, no recent calls on id. What do you do?